Inspire yourself with a spring blossom aroma bouquet all day long. This wonderful body oil with spring blossom aroma will give you the most pleasant experience. Soft silky and beautiful skin, an increased enjoyment of life, and fresh energy coursing through your entire body. Regular massage will regenerate the sink’s elasticity; it will make your skin healthy and velvety, leaving it with a light blossom aroma.


For your comfort and beauty, we have created body oil which combines the magical properties of the beautiful blossoms. Let yourself indulge in a dream that refreshes, relaxes and regenerates. A dream that does not end after you open your eyes, because your skin will have become silky soft and smooth, with a healthy glow. Your body will be relaxed and full of energy.


This is the best way to fight stress and tension. Grape massage oil contains a perfect combination of natural substances that richly moisturise, nourish and care for your skin. The oil absorbs quickly into your skin a healthy glow. Grape massage oil is especially recommended for exhausted, sensitive and dry skin. Use it daily and enjoy your reflection in the mirror.


Oh, the sweet and glorious smell of almonds! No one can resist it. Our wonderful body oil with almonds will take you to the land of you and beauty. While the oil helps to restore the firmness and elasticity of your skin, your body and soul slowly frees itself from stress, tiredness and any negative feelings.

Available in 5 litre container including 100ml HDPE flacons with pump.